Velanne village

Velanne is an ancient settlement consisting of six or seven small hamlets with a total
population of around 500. Le Bourg, or ‘village centre’, is the home to the Mairie

The Mairie of Velanne
The Mairie of Velanne

You can also find the Salle de fetes, the village church, and the 1884 bar/restaurant

The bar-restaurant “1884”

There is the workshop of a bespoke ornamental metalworker Vitrail Métal and a
microbrewery. 04 76 05 65 94

It is also the home of the Institut Francais de Zootherapie, a unique organisation in France which trains health professionals in the practices of zootherapy. 06 12 47 74 11

Fancy unwinding? Try the Blue Heron Tai-Chi centre Monique Blanchin 06 19 89 44 48

Home-made bread of all types is available through La Ferme des Pierres Gardées                    06 84 18 99 58

Meat is available through La Ferme Le Mont Charvel 069574 24 58

For an excellent bottle – or two! – of beer, contact Mr. Fred Dyon 04 76 05 65 94